Fractional-Fourier-domain weighted Wigner distribution

LJubisa Stankovic, Tatiana Alieva, and Martin J. Bastiaans

A fractional-Fourier-domain realization of the weighted Wigner distribution (or S-method), producing auto-terms close to the ones in the Wigner distribution itself, but with reduced cross-terms, is presented. The computational cost of this fractional-domain realization is the same as the computational cost of the realizations in the time or the frequency domain, since the short-time Fourier transform of the fractional Fourier transform of a signal corresponds to the short-time Fourier transform of the signal itself, with the window being the fractional Fourier transform of the initial one. The appropriate fractional domain is found from the analysis of the second-order fractional Fourier transform moments. Numerical simulations show a qualitative advantage in the time-frequency representation, when the calculation is done in the optimal fractional domain.

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