IEEE Accomplishments

  • I started volunteering as the Eindhoven Student Branch Counselor. The Branch and its Counselor were invited to the first Regional Student Branch Congress, to inform the participants about best practices of this exemplary Branch. Subsequently, the Branch, under my guidance, organized the second Student Branch Congress in Eindhoven.
  • On Section level, I was involved in organizing several Signal Processing Chapter seminars. As Section Vice Chair, I started the IEEE Milestone nomination process (the first in the Benelux!) for Royal Philips Electronics. During my term as Section Chair, the first-ever CEDA Chapter was established, several inactive Chapters were revitalized, and one new Student Branch was founded. Furthermore, the (steady) growth of the Section's membership was raised to over 6% annually. Much effort was put into "making the Section the Member's home."
  • On Region level, I was active in the Student Activities Committee, in particular as the Student Paper Contest coordinator for eleven years and as its Chair in 2007-08, and as Director-Elect.
  • As Region 8 Student Activities Chair, I was heavily involved in organizing the Student Branch and GOLD Congress in London, which brought together over 200 volunteers from all over the world. As Director-Elect and Director, I put quite some effort into enhancing Section's vitality (in synergy with my membership of the Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee), into streamlining Section reporting to the Region, and into researching and documenting the (early) history of the Region.
  • Like other Region Directors, I had to deal with such day-to-day problems as: Sections where the Chair wants to keep his position and refuses to organize elections, elections where nomination and petition rules are violated, Section ExCom members who don't speak to one another anymore, etc. In all cases, I was able to bring peace again, but it asks for a good understanding of the different cultures in my Region.