Position statement

As the Region 8 Director, I will continue to implement the philosophy that I have presented as the Region 8 Vice Chair Student Activities:

  • To get new members, we need active Student Branches.
  • To retain our members - and in particular recently graduated students, with a low retention rate at the moment - we need active Sections with active Chapters.
  • In the transient period from Student Member to regular Member, GOLD can play an important role; so we need an active GOLD Activities Subcommittee.
  • An important role is also played by an active Professional Activities Subcommittee and an active Educational Activities Subcommittee, which can offer to our members competencies that they did not learn at school and that may be difficult to acquire otherwise.
  • Of course, an active Membership Development Subcommittee plays a crucial role.
Moreover - or rather: in the first place! - as the Region 8 Director:
  • I will strive to create a good atmosphere in the Region, the Region 8 Committee, and the Region 8 Operating Committee. Only in a good and friendly atmosphere can volunteers flourish!
  • I will stimulate a fruitful cooperation between all our organizational units and the many supporting committees in our Region.
  • I will be a good listener to remarks coming from the Region 8 Committee members, so that I can represent our Region - geographically the largest and by many means the greatest of all IEEE regions - in a way that is advantageous for most (if not all) of us. In representing the Region, my own opinion will only be relevant for issues that could not be discussed with the Region 8 Committee before, in which case you have to rely on my fair judgement.
  • I will not face any time constraints: by mid-2011, I will be able to devote all my time to IEEE.
In short, I will continue the policy of my predecessor, who stated: "IEEE must remain focused on being a premier membership organization, which is worth being a member of, and must serve all its members, globally, at the highest possible level." As the Region 8 Director, I consider it my main task to put all my efforts in realizing this general goal.